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divine life purpose

One of the most popular questions that people ask in an angel guidance session is “What’s my life purpose?”  The answer is as unique as a snowflake.  It depends on the deepest aspect of our being: our soul.  It depends on what You decided You wanted to be and do by coming here and taking form in your physical body.

Some people want to experience joy.  Some people want to receive and be cared for.  Some people want to give and share.  And others want to help the planet become safe and peaceful for everyone.

Each of us makes decisions about what would be interesting, pleasing, satisfying, and fulfilling.  Our life purpose is to fulfill those deepest hopes, dreams, and aspirations that we create at a soul level.  The soul is our eternal vessel that carries us through lifetimes, planets, galaxies, and dimensions.  Yet it is never destroyed.  It is unassailable.  You, the true You, your Divine essence, your purity of Self, your consciousness and beyond that your very existence as Creation Itself is eternal.  It exists in and beyond the dimension of time.

It is in the soul that we create our Divine life purpose.  And then, we begin to explore it as we are born into this world as human, and grow and experience life as a sentient being here on Earth.

The Personal Aspect of Your Divine Life Purpose

Everyone has personal goals, unique to You and your soul’s journey through time, that we wish to explore.  Sometimes a person’s Divine life purpose can include the most simple and popular objective: to know love.  Yet, people can choose a variety of ways to experience that love, such as:

  • through a passionate, intimate spousal relationship;
  • through family, children, and grandchildren;
  • through love of nature, or animals;
  • or through agape love – an all-encompassing love of humankind

Other elements of a personal life purpose that people like to explore often include abundance, forgiveness, creativity, expression, or learning.  When a soul decides what they want to explore and how to experience these things, we begin to see that each and every person’s Divine life purpose begins to differentiate and take on that unique snowflake quality.

The Global Aspect of Your Divine Life Purpose

Often, but not always it seems, people have a global, service-oriented aspect to their life purpose.  The global element of your Divine life purpose involves how You want to help something or someone beyond your self.  This help could come in a variety of manifestations, such as choosing a healing vocation, or creatively expressing the Divine through art, poetry, or music, or leaving an inspirational legacy of your accomplishments as an example for others.

We often find that we are called to explore different aspects of our Divine life purpose at different stages of our life.  Some people explore their personal aspects first, in school, marriage, jobs, and family life and then move into the global element later. Others are driven and focused from the get-go on a sole objective that relates to their global life purpose. We see this in child and teen prodigies, and young adults making an impact “doing what they were born to do”.

When we have a global life purpose, but don’t know what it is, it often is reflected to us as an inner thought process or feeling that says to us “one day I’m going to do something big”, or “one day I’m going to make a difference”.   We may have memories of that inner cognitive and feeling process all the way back to early childhood.  When You were a young child, what do You dream of doing as an adult? The answer will help reflect your global life purpose.

Divine Life Purpose as a Calling

The global, service oriented element of our life purpose is about helping something beyond the ego self.  It is about contributing to this world in some way, in your lifetime, in the body that you’ve chosen to incarnate in. Many people feel a “calling” when it is the ideal time to explore and fulfill their global life purpose.  You may have experienced this as a growing urge to help people heal, to teach something, to make the planet safer or peaceful, or to protect and uphold the well being, rights, and dignity of others in need.

The calling comes from within and from our guardian angels. Our angels know exactly what we’ve intended in this lifetime, and that’s one of the main functions they have.  They begin calling us to remember and become aware of those deeper programs of our soul that we came here to explore.  They will amplify the signals of that calling until we listen.  It might come as an inner voice or as repetitive signs from our external surroundings.  Sometimes the call comes from within as a persistent gut feeling that positive changes are coming, without knowing how.

What’s Your Divine Life Purpose?

Finding and fulfilling our Divine life purpose requires us to become aware of our deepest inner processes of thought, feeling, and dreams.  It requires us to listen to our calling.  We can discover our calling in a variety of ways, such as:


Going within through meditation helps to quiet the mind of its busy chatter.  In the stillness, we are more likely to hear that inner calling. Keep a notepad and pen nearby during meditation to record any inspirational ideas.

Talk to Your Angels / Receive an Angel Reading

Ask your angels for help. They will repeat certain words and give You consistent, repetitive ideas about what to do.  A prophetic vision may repeat itself, or a feeling in the body may indicate how to get going on your global life purpose.  For example, when people read about healing, and their own hands start to tingle, it is a sign that their life purpose involves hands-on healing.  Sometimes the angels work through the Universe that surrounds us.  For example, notice when and how You are consistently asked to provide help and service.  If five people in your Universe ask You for help with something, you’re probably meant to help doing just that!

Take Action / Try New Things in a Way That Brings You Joy

If we are busy doing something that is a struggle, drains our energy, or leaves us feeling deflated, then it most likely has nothing to do with our Divine life purpose.  When we begin doing activities that we feel motivated and energized doing, then it is bringing us closer to the realization of our life’s purpose.  It is always the case. You don’t have to fully know your life purpose to be doing something that is moving You towards it. When You are doing what raises your energy and brings You joy, You are getting closer to fulfilling your Divine life purpose.

Attend Personal and Spiritual Growth Workshops

Let others help You in various workshop exercises or processes designed for You to discover who You are, and what you’re called to do.  Any personal growth workshop that is designed to help You understand yourself better will help You learn more about your Divine life purpose.  Spiritual workshops help tremendously because they are focused on developing your awareness, and your connection to the Divine. This in turn strengthens your ability to hear your angels and discover your calling.

Receive Energy Healing Treatments

Energy healing opens your chakras and your aura.  It allows the flow of information from our soul into our conscious awareness and from there we can begin to understand our Divine life purpose. The life purpose information we set in motion as a soul prior to incarnation is available to us in our energy field above the crown of our head, and through energy healing, that information can flow into the lower chakras.

What I love about Rainbow Energy Healing, the modality that I teach and offer, is that it beautifully connects our own most personal chakras (the lower chakras) such as the sacral (creative desires), solar plexus (self concept and will), and heart (love and compassion) to our Divine life purpose. It removes blockages so that we can feel the yearning and desire to fulfill our purpose (sacral), the will and motivation to act on our life purpose (solar plexus), and to be able to love our life purpose and those we serve (heart).


We all have a Divine life purpose. And if you’re reading this article, You most likely have a Calling – a global aspect to your Divine life purpose that involves helping, healing, or teaching. With the help of the angels, You can understand and fulfill that purpose. Ask for help. Starting learning and doing in a way that brings You joy!

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