Reiki Comparison With REH

Reiki is perhaps the most popular energy healing modality. It has grown from the time of its origin in Japan with Usui in the late 1800s.  It is said that Usui spent 3 weeks in a meditation and fasting retreat on a mountain before understanding and developing what became Reiki.  Upon his immediate descent from his sojourn, he was called to utilize his new-found gift from above on a young girl, and gently laid his hands upon the wounds.  To amazement of many, healing results were immediately experienced. Thus began a beautifully profound healing movement.  A new method of “laying on of hands” was formed, perhaps tapping into the same God power and energy that the Christian practice of laying on of hands had recognized as Holy Spirit for centuries.

Decades later, Hawayo Takata had become a practiced Reiki Master and travelled East to West via Hawaii.  She helped spawn the growth of Reiki in North America. As a follower of Usui’s method, the Usui System of Natural Healing became the purest and simplest reflection of the training that Usui passed down back at the turn of the 20th century.  Many derivatives of Reiki have developed, each with their own nuances inspired by Reiki Masters.  In the year 2020 estimates are that there are over 100,000 Reiki Masters, and many million students of Reiki who have received their initiation to Reiki First Degree, what is commonly referred to as Reiki Level 1.

Reiki is passed on from master to student through an attunement process that happens in the First Degree and Second Degree of Reiki training. In the attunement process, certain sacred symbols are placed gently in the crown of the head of the student initiate. After Second Degree, a Reiki Practitioner may choose to study to become a Reiki Master so that they qualify to attune others to the Reiki energy.

Rainbow Energy Healing (REH) has some similarities to Reiki.  Most significantly, they are both energy healing modalities.  In both modalities, the recipient of a healing session is laying face up on a healing table and a practitioner is facilitating the experience of the energy.

One of the most profound and majestic qualities of any modality is its unique vibration.  Both Reiki and REH are known for the sacred and profound nature of their respective energies.  However, the energy itself is quite different.  Reiki has a very top-down, gentle, rain-shower like flow, through the practitioner to the recipient.  It is peaceful, calming, and relaxing. It gently helps the recipient to release stuck energy in a very patient fashion.    REH has a very dynamic, swirling, kaleidoscope flow of energy that is vibrant, joyful, and uplifting.  It tends to envelope both practitioner and recipient simultaneously, and flows in all directions.  The distinct difference in the energy is one of the trademark characteristics that help both practitioners and recipients distinguish between the two.  Both energies are palpable. They can be felt.  Reiki will often have a tingly, subtle inner massaging type of sensation.  REH varies greatly in how it is experienced: intense colour; powerful waves; heat; swirls of energy; high vibrational humming; and weightless, lightness, and floating can all be experienced in REH.

Reiki is derived from the combining phrases Rei and Ki which translates into Source Energy.  REH too comes from Source.  Both of these energies are different forms of the same substance, the omni-present substance of universal truths derived by our Source.  REH appears to be applicable now, just as Reiki has for about 100 years. Reiki has been very much needed in the 20th century as a gentle introduction into energy awareness and the presence of God’s Will as healing energy.  It has helped herald in the current phase of spiritual growth and personal empowerment that we witness in the first few decades of the 21st century.

REH’s mission is to heal on a soul level so that peace on Earth can be realized. Collectively, we are connected around the globe and awakening. REH is truly a 21st century modality.  One of its’ hallmark characteristics is the way in which the rainbow energy helps open the crown chakra and higher chakras situated above the crown at the top of the human energy field (the aura).  These chakras connect us to our life purpose; our intentions and desires in this lifetime. They connect us to our soul purpose; the greater yearning of the soul that may take multiple soul level experiences such as incarnating or taking on an assignment such as a spirit guide.  And the Rainbow Bridge chakra is a portal to our own team of higher guides, angels, archangels, and ascended spiritual beings.  REH is a powerful tool of intuitive development; it strengthens the channels of communication between us and our angels and other forms of Spirit.


Reiki REH
Source Highest (God / Goddess) Highest (God / Goddess)
Energy Gentle, like an energy rain shower Dynamic, vibrant, joyful
Flow Top down All directions at once
Application Laying of hands on body Hands off, in aura
Purpose Relax, gentle release, awaken energy awareness Chakra, aura cleanse/connect to higher purpose & angels
Angels Archangel Raphael, Reiki angels, Reiki guides All archangels, guardian angels, ascended masters
Initiation Attunement with Reiki symbols Awakening through exposure to REH
Healing Benefits Open chakras, release energy, relieve stress Release deep wounds, past-life trauma, vitalize endocrine system


One of the most useful functions of Reiki to this day is that it provides the initiate a useful means of raising the awareness of energy including energy flow into and out of the human body and aura, especially in the hands for students of Reiki who become practitioners, and of the basic major chakras.  REH is a suitable energy modality to help energy workers to awaken to higher connections to angels, archangels, our own Divine purpose, and the eternal nature of Self and the journey of the soul. REH teaches the practitioner about healing, the nature of the human energy field, the chakras, and the divine intelligence available within sacred Spirit. REH also is very adaptive. It is experienced in such as way as to further each recipients’ own soul journey.  It can be a dynamic and powerful storm of energy, a transcendent, paradigm shifting boost to consciousness, or a gentle manifestation of the healing vibrations of love, peace, and joy. REH is often explored by Reiki Practitioners who are looking to continue their own ascension, and help others do the same. It is a tool for today.

Whatever modality You choose to explore, whether it is Reiki or REH, it can be one of the most profound experiences of healing, expansion and growth. May You enjoy your exploration of these two uniquely powerful energies.

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