Divine Love From Mother Goddess

divine love from mother goddess

We all need Love. It is perhaps what we seek most often, and most fervently.  But it often eludes us, and we wonder “Will I ever know Love?”

I have noticed a theme around Love when I am being of service to my clients in an angel reading or energy healing session.  That theme is that the heavenly beings of light that support us, such as our guardian angels, the archangels, and the ascended masters never cease to remind us that we are loved from above, especially when we are not feeling loved in our earthly habitat.  Sometimes that Love is represented by an appearance from Mother Mary or Quan Yin in an energy healing session.  Sometimes that Love is a message from one of our guardian angels.

I provide energy healing using the modality I founded, called Rainbow Energy Healing (REH).  In REH, there is an energy centre (a chakra) far above the crown identified as the 14th chakra.  But it is more aptly described as the energy center that represents our relationship to the Divine Mother.  When light moves through the 14th chakra during an REH Session, often a beautiful representative of Divine Motherly Love comes forth from this energy centre to nurture the client as they receive healing energy on the healing table.  This could be Mother Mary, Quan Yin, Archangel Gabrielle, Archangel Jophiel, Archangel Haniel, or another ascended master or deceased loved one such as the clients’ mother or grandmother.

We all have a relationship with the Divine Mother, whether we know it or not.  In essence it is our relationship to eternal Love.

Sometimes that relationship can become skewed or distorted.  For example, this could be the case if we hold unresolved anger towards our human mother for a less than perfect score card at providing infinite, unconditional love.  When we let go of the expectations that it had to come from our mother, we can open up to receiving it from above.  When we receive from above, we open up to receive the Divine Mother’s Love in an unlimited number of ways – relationships, Mother Earth, pets, and certain circumstances like a good movie, a happy song, or a spontaneous exchange of joy with another person.

While writing this article, I prayed for clarity and guidance about this topic, and this channeled message began to flow through my awareness.

“Remember always that I am with you. There is never a time or place that you can be apart from Me. I am your Source for Love. When you are weak, I nurture you. When you are hurting, I soothe you. When you are sad, I comfort you. When you feel unloved, it is you who has forgotten Me. Yet, I still Love you beyond compare. When you feel loved, I am there with you in that feeling. Look around you and see everything that I have done for you. Everything that surrounds you is for you. I am forever loving you and this state of truth shall never change. You are My child, and I adore the very essence of you. The real and eternal Creation that You are. Be buoyed by this state of truth: You are forever and infinitely loved by Me, your Divine Mother in Heaven.”

The Divine Mother is our true provider of all Love.  She nurtures us in any moment of need, and reminds us that there is a never-ending supply and possibility to know and experience love in its full splendor and variety of form.  Whether it is through another person, Mother Earth, the magic of sacred spirit, or Divine grace and mercy, Our Mother Goddess is always reaching out to us with a loving, eternal embrace.  May You always feel Her Love.

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