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Hello, I’m Chris Cuciurean.  I am a Spiritual Teacher and founder of Rainbow Energy Healing.

It is my passion to help and support You. Help is available in various ways, through my own services, and the services of the many certified Rainbow Energy Healing Practitioners and Teachers listed on this website. Rainbow Energy Healing can be applied in various ways to receive Divinely guided help from God.

I first learned about Rainbow Energy Healing in 2007 from channeled interactions with Archangel Michael, Archangel Raziel, Archangel Metatron, and Master Jesus.  How did this happen?  Here is my story …

Background Information

As a young child, I was very intuitive. As I grew, I forgot my spiritual awareness, and learned to get by on my intellect. In school I excelled in math and science, and graduated with a Computer Engineering degree. I excelled in the high-tech computer business for over 10 years and achieved positive career results.

I had put God and angels aside until the early 2000s, when I learned to meditate. In my meditations, I often experienced expanded forms of consciousness. I sensed and communicated with other beings from the spiritual world. I realized that my angels had been trying to get my attention. I began communicating with my own guardian angels and Archangel Michael directly. And although I was becoming aware that I was highly psychic, I didn’t yet know how to utilize this gift.

In January of 2003, I also founded a life coaching business. I discovered my true passion of helping others, through teaching and ultimately healing. I often coached business people who had no interest in angels. Yet, I often received guidance from the angels about how to help my clients.  Although the angels’ guidance helped me to assist my clients in positive ways, I kept my personal relationship with the angels to myself.

I continued to learn. My spiritual pursuits included the study of A Course In Miracles, angel communication, mediumship, and spiritual teaching courses. In 2008, I began a full-time profession of helping others while working with Spirit. I provided individual sessions of Angel Guidance, Mediumship, and Spiritual Life Coaching, and began teaching others how to connect to their angels.  In 2009, I began offering the Angel Communication Certificate Course, and the Mediumship Certificate Course to help others interested in becoming spiritually based practitioners. I went on to offer more than 100 in-person, three-day certification courses between the years 2009 and 2019 to spiritually-based practitioners.

Developing Rainbow Energy Healing

During my training with the angels, I experienced a profound connection about my life’s purpose.  I was told in my written channeled communications with the archangels to share and teach about a modality called Rainbow Energy Healing.  I experienced a profound communion with Jesus Christ, while Archangel Michael, Archangel Raziel, and Archangel Metatron provided insights about the precise nature of Rainbow Energy Healing.

I began offering Rainbow Energy Healing Sessions to clients in 2009 and positive results were witnessed, especially by highly sensitive, spiritually aware energy workers, such as Reiki Practitioners.

In 2012, the very first REH Level 1 Practitioner Certificate Course was offered.  Still in the early stages of growth, as of 2020, there are over 100 graduates of the REH Level 1 Practitioner Certificate Course. Many practitioners use REH for their own self-healing, while others integrate Rainbow Energy Healing sessions into their professional energy healing practice.

My Personal Health Journey

From the time I began my professional spiritual teaching career in 2008, I had began to face challenges with my personal health. At first minor, symptoms grew and worsened over the years.  Numerous life stressors such as the end of my first marriage, the establishment and expansion of a professional spiritual teaching career, numerous moves, the merging of two families into one as a blended family of seven, and the death of my mother in 2016 fueled my physical health challenges.

The decade of 2006 to 2016 culminated in my own personal physical health crisis. It was hard to get out of bed. Each day, I faced symptoms of severe migraines; chronic fatigue; mental health depression and severe anxiety; adrenal burn-out; severe electro-hyper sensitivity (I became completely drained and debilitated around cell phones, routers, cordless phones, wifi); severe sensitivities to foods, chemicals, and the environment. My immune system was totally depleted.

Rainbow Energy Healing sessions were helpful, but they did not solve my health problems. It was a blessing for me at the time to be able to receive energy healing sessions that boosted my energy, but as a dad, husband, and professional spiritual teacher with ongoing “issues” I often questioned if God chose the right person to share REH with others.

I was determined to overcome. I prayed for help. My prayers were answered in a multitude of ways as numerous holistic health modalities and solutions were presented to me. My physical health slowly and steadily has been improving with naturopathic medicine, bioenergetics, healing foods especially herbal remedies and readily available superfoods, neural plasticity (changing the brains’ response to stressors), vitamin intravenous therapy, and REH treatments. I have learned a tremendous amount about health and the need for a holistic approach to healing. I am grateful that my own journey back to better health has helped me learn about the root causes of chronic illness. It has helped me understand how to live in a balanced, healthy manner honouring physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

Rainbow Energy Healing complements the essential physical and mental holistic healing treatments available. Energy healing doesn’t replace physical and mental health therapies – it complements them by helping the body to experience a homeostasis where the physical and mental treatments can best be applied.

Lessons Learned

I’ve been through a lot and picked up some wisdom along the way. My journey of facilitating healing for others has taken me deeply into the new age and back out again. I’ve seen the release of deep wounds and trauma with the help of Spirit. I’ve also seen people try to be God, and heal others, only to make matters worse. It is when we realize we know nothing about ‘how’ to heal that we become truly Blessed. This journey has taught me that God is in charge, that the Holy Sacred Spirit takes many forms, including angels, and that to be an effective spiritually-based practitioner, teacher, healer, helper, intuitive, medium, and coach is to put our full faith in God into practice.  To serve God is to be an open-hearted witness to the highest spiritual truths made manifest through God’s Grace.

Looking Ahead

I’ve learned how to develop a successful, spiritually based healing practice that serves clients in-person and online, and I can help You do the same. I have worked very diligently to keep my mind, body, and spirit in alignment with Divine Will so that I can be a true, clear channel of Divine intelligence for You and your personal mission. I am very passionate about teaching and coaching to help others on their spiritual journey. The workshops I teach, both in-person and online, utilize a variety of powerful, interactive techniques that I myself have experienced in my own journey of self-realization.

It is my mission to help coach heart-centered professionals fulfill their aspirations, in concert with God and Goddess.

I am passionate about peace, living in joy, and experiencing love from Our Creator.

Chris Cuciurean - Founder of REHI believe that we can live together in peace on Earth.  My vision is of a world where all beings live together in peace and harmony.  Although we face many challenges as individuals and as a group, we are rapidly evolving and gaining new clarity about right-living in the here and now each and every day. We are being called by that inner voice of Spirit to stand as leaders who live righteously and can model Love as taught by God.

I choose an organic vegan diet, and seek to recycle and nurture Mother Earth wherever possible. I am committed to caring for myself, each other, my community, and our planet.

I am excited about sharing Rainbow Energy Healing, as a way to help You realize peace individually, and to help others as well.  I am excited to receive the gifts of others and be helped in ways I have yet to imagine, so that we can co-create a beautiful world together.

May there be Joy in Your Life, Love in Your Heart, Peace in Your Soul. May You always realize Your Dreams.

Love & Light,
Chris Cuciurean

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