REH Sacred Mediumship Circle


$44 + HST ($49.72)
Returning in 2019


Class Level:  Open to Everyone

Upcoming Dates:
Returning in 2019

This Mediumship Circle provides participants an opportunity to receive a message or messages from deceased loved ones.  Chris will facilitate the creation of a Sacred Circle with an opening, guided Rainbow Energy Healing meditation for everyone involved to ensure divinely guided blessings for everyone. Through Rainbow Energy Healing, all of the archangels and guardian angels will escort the deceased loved ones in to the Sacred Circle.  There, Chris will discern and deliver messages of love and healing to various participants as guided.

From the very beginning of the opening meditation and throughout the evening, the archangels, ascended masters, and guardian angels will be called upon to oversee and conduct the engagement of deceased loved ones to ensure that the mediumship messages are delivered in accordance with the divine will of highest blessings for all.

A meditative prayer of gratitude will conclude the evening, allowing for all participants to express their gratitude to their deceased loved ones for participating in the evening, to the angels, archangels, and ascended masters for their help and assistance, and to Creator God/Goddess for All Blessings.

Mediumship is profoundly healing when experienced within the enveloping and nurturing warmth of Rainbow Energy Healing (REH).  Inherently grounding, protective, cleansing, and healing, REH activates and empowers all angels to assist in the connection between the deceased loved ones from Spirit and the living participants of the Sacred Circle.  This allows for the full blessings of mediumship to unfold divinely, miraculously, and purely.  Mediumship allows for an opportunity to say goodbye to departed loved ones, to know that they are safe and well, to heal and feel redemption, and to simply hear heart-felt, loving messages from our loved ones once again.

This event is open to anyone who feels guided to attend. Depending on number of participants, some participants may receive a message from more than one deceased loved one, and not all participants are guaranteed to receive a message.  Participants always have the right to choose whether to receive a message or not.

This event is open to anyone who wishes to attend.

Fee:  $44 + HST ($49.72).  Payment is non-refundable. Registration in advance is required.

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