The Spiritual Lie About Chronic Health Challenges

You may have heard a few spiritual teachers say that the cause of your ill health is due to a spiritual problem: that You unconsciously brought this illness on yourself. That Your physical, emotional, or mental suffering is due to something You created. NOTHING could be further from the truth! You did nothing wrong …

You have done everything You can to seek life affirming choices and behaviours.  You have sought health and optimal well-being.  And You may very well have sought numerous healing modalities, practitioners, doctors, and other sources for answers to any ailments. But in so many cases, the root cause of the ill-health remains a mystery.  We can meditate, state affirmations, talk to God, and receive energy healing, but chronic ill-health can persist in spite of all of these spiritual well-being techniques.

The list of symptoms is endless.  Anxiety, high stress, depression, headaches, joint pain, skin rashes, heart arrythmia or palpitations, poor digestion, adrenal fatigue, food sensitivities, brain fog, memory loss, tingling in hands and feet, ringing in ears, excessive swelling, personality disorders, panic attacks, poor sleep, depression, listlessness, exhaustion, carpel tunnel, slow wound healing, muscle pain, mental confusion, and on and on …

The possible diagnoses continue to grow.  Cancer, MS, Lyme’s disease, Epstein-Barr Virus, TMJ, ALS, Parkinson’s, candida overgrowth, parasites, molds, Bipolar, Split Personality, Borderline personality, early onset Alzheimer’s, Crone’s, Colitis, Turret’s, Meniere’s disease, Social Anxiety Disorder, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Autism Spectrum and on and on …

The TRUTH is that You have done nothing wrong.  You did not draw this to You at an unconscious level.  This is not happening to You so that You can learn a lesson.

As human beings we are rapidly heading towards the sixth extinction of our species on planet Earth.  We need to wake-up.  The main causes of chronic ill heath on this planet right now are because of economics.  Industrialized agriculture has led our bodies and the soil growing our food into full saturation of toxic chemicals; our soils are virtually dead of organic matter. In 2011, in North America, it was legislated that aluminum and other toxic metals can be dumped on us from the sky (chemtrails) in the name of geo-engineering, or possibly worse.  Currently, big business telecommunications are using our bodies and the air waves to transmit most electronic info around our planet (cellular, Wifi, etc.).  The newest cellular network system, scientifically documented in 100s of studies to destroy human DNA and nervous system functioning, is now being deployed as the biggest human bio-experiment in human history in the name of economic growth.

We can no longer expect to manifest optimal physical or mental health while living on this planet without defending and protecting against the massive level of toxic exposure we face. 

Energy healing, such as Rainbow Energy Healing plays a critical part in optimal health and well-being. It helps the body move into homeostasis to do its own critical repair work, such as cell regeneration and detoxification. But it is only one component of a larger integral plan for personal health.  That plan must include awakened, aware, conscious choices about what is destructive and what is life-sustaining.

Messengers such as angels, and other forms of Divine Holy Spirit, constantly guide me in sessions with my clients to help them understand that their well-being is of their paramount importance.  But the trend I’ve noticed is that the angels are encouraging us to talk about the real causes of chronic illness, to be mindful of the collective social and political structures that allow us to impact and inspire real, meaningful change.  Let’s wake-up and talk about it.

Speaking of which, the good news is that there is a ground swell of awakened activism. Thank You Greta Thunberg for your plain truth. And, the justice system may finally be catching up.  A recent court case found the chemical manufacturer of glyphosate (any non-organic wheat product is drenched in this carcinogenic chemical) liable for the claimant’s cancer diagnosis. The precedent has been established. And many local municipalities are stopping the deployment of 5G cellular technology in their towns, seeking better regulation and safety standards.  WE ARE CHANGING!

And in the process of combating the relentless assault on our bodies, let’s practice RADICAL SELF-LOVE.  You did nothing wrong to cause this. You are loved, nurtured, and supported by God/Goddess. And, You can claim physical, mental, and spiritual well-being as your Divine birthright.  Collectively, we may be able to figure out how to do so while we live on Earth, and get ourselves out of this collective sea of toxicity that we were drowning in.

God Bless You.

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  1. Fabulous, fabulous informative article.

    I have been watching, thinking and feeling this happen to us for so many years
    all the while frustrated that no one else see’s it.
    But YOU DO, and thank you for writing about it Chris.

    God Bless

    • I have been expressing this very thing myself. I felt I was standing alone in it all. Chris, I worked with you many years ago at the old ‘Den’ location. I’m so glad I was guided to this document from you. Divine intervention at its best! Thank you 🙏🏻

  2. Awesome article. It’s so good to know that I did nothing wrong and didn’t cause my ailments.
    As I read your article, the medical medium Anthony William came to mind. He says what you said about us not creating what ails us and offers ways to remove the toxins we absorb from our environment through foods, mainly an abundance of fruit and vegetables. I feel the two of you would make a great team in helping empower people to heal themselves with your guidance. Blessings

    • Ginette,
      Thank You. I agree with so many of the helpful strategies from the best-selling “Medical Medium”, by Anthony William. We’ve all seen the celery shortage over the summer settle down and prices have stabilized, but juicing pure, organic celery juice is a really helpful detox. There are also many common fruits, vegetables, herbs, and wild foods that we can incorporate into our diet to give us a daily dose of anti-pathogenic help. My favourites are lemon balm (as a tea), cat’s claw, wild blueberries, rose hips, chaga mushroom, dandelion, nettle leaf, spirulina, dulse, and the aforementioned juicing of celery, with blends of apple and cucumber for variety.
      Bless You dear One.

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