Angels, Archangels, and Holy Spirit


Is it ok to talk to the angels?  Yes, it is.  Let’s take a look at why it’s perfectly ok to ask an angel for help.

The angels and archangels are messengers of the Truth of our Highest Creator and Source; God/Goddess.  The angels are the extension of sacred, holy, and divine spirit.  They are everywhere, and take any form according to the highest intelligence to reach us where we are at in our journey to peace.   They are one of the most comforting and trusted messengers of the Love of God/Goddess above. And the message they bring reaches beyond all limitations.

The Holy Trinity

The angels are a part of the Divine, Holy Trinity.  In this trinity, we have three different elements; the Creator, the Created, and the Process by Which Creation Occurs.  Or, we have God, Goddess, and Divine Child.  Thought, word, and deed.  Will, spirit, and creation.  Cause, process, and effect.  In Christian, masculine dominated theology of the last few thousand years we have Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  But no matter how we look at it, we have an aspect of the trinity causing existence, an aspect of the trinity birthing the cause into being, and then we have the outcome as creation, physicality, or action.

Form and Content

When we look at the process, Goddess like aspect of the trinity, we have Spirit.  It can take an infinite number of forms, but it’s message, or content, remains consistent through space and time.  That message includes Truths that we have been able to discern through our limited human experience. Truths such as You are loved, All is well, All is provided for, This can heal, Abundance just is, You are innocent, God just is, Love just is, You are eternal, Protection from fear is so.  You get the idea.

Spirit pervades all things in this Universe.  Spirit is the medium upon which this Universe rests upon.  The matrix. It lends vitality to human beings, through the nadis, and chakras; these small energy centers draw upon Life itself from Spirit, to animate physical being and form.  Spirit is everywhere.  There is nowhere that we can be and not be immersed in Spirit.  This truth means that the content of Spirit’s message is our bounty.  It is forever upon us.  The forms in which Spirit presents this to us is unlimited.  It can provide inspiration to us through other people, physical, natural phenomena, an inner voice, or an outer manifestation of a miracle. In short, Spirit’s content is delivered in a myriad of ways.

Angels as Form

So where then do angels fit in?  If God is the Source, and Goddess is Spirit that creates Life itself, who or what are the angels?  Angels are one of the many forms that Spirit can take to deliver Its message.  The content is Spirit; angels are form.  Angels are not the only form.  Sometimes we receive Spirit’s message through the words of a loved one.  Sometimes it’s through a song on the radio.  Sometimes Spirit speaks to us through nature, such as a sunset, rainbow, or waterfall.  And sometimes, the easiest way to receive the content of Spirit’s message is to receive it from an angel.  In fact, angels are one of the most comforting, relatable forms of the Holy Spirit.  They are loving, human looking, and often winged to imply celestial, high vibrational energy.

MeditationLet’s look at an example.  If I am facing a health challenge, and I wonder what God can tell me to help, I will receive help.  The ‘content’ of the message from my higher power is available in Spirit.   The content might include certain truths that my Creator would have me know and understand.  Truths such as ‘You will transcend beyond fear’, ‘You can heal’, or ‘There is an answer to your problem’.  The ‘form’ that the message from my higher power might take could be quite varied.  I might have a surreal experience in meditation where an etheric ball of light may come into my awareness, creating a transcendence of the physical limits and inspiring a miracle.  I might simply seek help from a Holistic Practitioner who provides helpful, healing remedies for what ails me.  Or, I might hear the words of an angel, talk to an angel, or see an angel intervening on the day of my health treatment, which plants a seed of belief that I will heal and overcome.

Talking to Angels

So, who and what am I talking to when I ask an angel to help me?  I am asking the holy, sacred, divine, and all-pervasive spirit of the God/Goddess to help me.  I am asking a very comforting, relatable, and within reach form of my higher power to interact with me on a personal level.  Perhaps that comfortable, relatable form is Archangel Michael, or Archangel Raziel.  Perhaps it comes as a guardian angel whom I’ve seen in my mind’s eye.  Perhaps I don’t see or hear an angel, and Spirit chooses another, most effective way to interact with me.

In the end, the angels are simply a representation of the truth of Spirit’s message.  Just one representation.  Not the only one.  But a loving, comforting, easily relatable representation of truth.  For that, I am grateful to the God/Goddess above.

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