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Rainbow Energy Healing Sessions

REH Session

A Rainbow Energy Healing Session is an opportunity to experience profound healing energy.

As a client, you lay back and relax on a healing table for the duration of the session.  The Practitioner may speak frequently or seldom, as they are guided, letting you know what is occurring during the session.

You may feel talkative, and ask questions, or you may feel comfortable resting in silence. You may leave your eyes open for the entire session, or you may close them and experience a deep meditative state. You are free to choose how you wish to experience the session.

The Practitioner conducts an opening prayer on your behalf.  The opening prayer includes an affirmation of safety and protection for everyone involved in the session, a request for blessings of the modality Rainbow Energy Healing, an invocation of the founding archangels of Rainbow Energy Healing: Archangel Michael, Archangel Raziel, and Archangel Metatron, and a request for help from other light beings such as Jesus, other ascended masters, archangels, guardian angels.  The Practitioner then begins to witness and facilitate the Rainbow Energy flowing in and through your aura and chakras.

The Practitioner may be guided to convey to you what they are experiencing while facilitating Rainbow Energy Healing. They may share the observations, or even convey angelic guidance to you about the session and what exactly is being healed or released. The Practitioner may be guided to ask you questions, or help you to release any blocks that will aid in the healing process.

A Rainbow Energy Healing Session lasts approximately 1 hour.  Additional time options are available so that you can obtain additional angel guidance in a consultation after the session.

The Consultation takes place immediately after the Rainbow Energy Healing Session, and may include a combination of the other services that the Practitioner offers.  This gives you an opportunity to integrate and understand the healing experiences of the Rainbow Energy Healing Session and gain additional insights.

Rainbow Energy Healing Sessions can also be conducted remotely.
As the client, you remain at home, laying on a bed during the 1 hour of time that the session is scheduled for.  The Practitioner conducts the healing session exactly as if You were present on the healing table.  The benefits described are equally applicable whether the session is conducted in person or remotely.  A combination Rainbow Energy Healing Session and 30 minute Consultation is recommended for first-time appointments and/or remote sessions.

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