Customized Meditations

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A custom channeled guided meditation with background music made specifically according to your preferences!  A 15-minute daily meditation and a longer in-depth 30-45 minute meditation are available.



Have You ever wanted a guided meditation made just for You?  This service allows You to have a guided meditation made just for You, that You can use over and over again.

The audio recording is created by Chris Cuciurean just for You. The dialog in your recorded meditation is created through a divine channeling of the angels’ words with deeply healing music playing in the background (the music used is a track that Chris owns which captures the essence of Rainbow Energy Healing as music).  You can play the mp3 file recording on your phone, computer, tablet, or audio player whenever and wherever it is convenient for You.

Chris is an experienced meditation guide, teacher, and course facilitator.  His soothing voice and ability to hear the angels’ loving words on your behalf will create a meditation that is profound, directly impactful for You, and customized precisely according to your preferences.  A pre-recording questionnaire will be sent for You to complete prior to Chris creating the meditation for You, so that You can indicate your ideal preferences with the use of words, intentions for the meditation, and more.

Two meditation lengths are available:

  • 15 minute daily meditation – choose morning, evening, or a general meditation
  • 30 to 45 minute focused meditation – choose whatever focused intention or intentions You would like in a meditation that will be between 30 and 45 minutes in length, or simply select a theme or themes from a long list of categories:
    • physical healing; self-healing; self-love; forgiveness of self; forgiveness of others; evening end-of-day deep healing and release; emotional cleanse and release; inner child healing; manifestation (general); manifestation of abundance; manifestation of soul mate love relationship; mental health, clarity, and focus; self-worth and self-esteem; understanding life and soul purpose; spiritual connection to Creator; deep inner peace; gratitude; connection to Creation and Universe; universal all-encompassing love; intuitive development; building connection to my spiritual team of helpers; awakening to Christ Love;

Once recorded and delivered to You, You own the recording.

Each and every recording session is initiated with a prayer, affirming Divine blessings for the listener of the recorded meditation in accordance with Divine Will.


$33 plus HST ($37.29) – 15 minute Daily Meditation
$77 plus HST ($87.01) – 30 to 45 minute Focused Meditation
$99 plus HST ($111.87) – Combination of 15 minute Daily and 30-45 minute Focused Meditation

Fees are payable in advance. Payment is non-refundable. (Full terms, conditions, and cancellation policy.)

To purchase your customized 15 minute Daily Meditation, 30-45 minute Focused Meditation, or Combination Daily & Focused Meditation, please choose your meditation(s) above and click on the Add To Cart button to make your payment.  You will be contacted to confirm your purchase, to complete the questionnaire, and be provided with an expected delivery date of your customized meditation(s)!

If You wish, please Contact Chris Cuciurean if You have any questions about this service.

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