Reiki Comparison With REH

Reiki is perhaps the most popular energy healing modality. It has grown from the time of its origin in Japan with Usui in the late 1800s.  It is said that Usui spent 3 weeks in a meditation and fasting retreat on a mountain before understanding and developing what became Reiki.  Upon his immediate descent from […]

The Spiritual Lie About Chronic Health Challenges

You may have heard a few spiritual teachers say that the cause of your ill health is due to a spiritual problem: that You unconsciously brought this illness on yourself. That Your physical, emotional, or mental suffering is due to something You created. NOTHING could be further from the truth! You did nothing wrong … […]

Angels, Archangels, and Holy Spirit

Is it ok to talk to the angels?  Yes, it is.  Let’s take a look at why it’s perfectly ok to ask an angel for help. The angels and archangels are messengers of the Truth of our Highest Creator and Source; God/Goddess.  The angels are the extension of sacred, holy, and divine spirit.  They are […]


Archangel Raziel

Archangel Raziel is the infinite knowledge of the Divine. He holds all the esoteric wisdom – the reason for life itself and why things are the way they are.  Archangel Raziel is the Albus Dumbledore of archangels.  He seems to know all.  He is very wizard like in his energy.  He can bring miraculous shifts […]

Rainbow Energy Healing Certification

Your Divine Life Purpose

One of the most popular questions that people ask in an angel guidance session is “What’s my life purpose?”  The answer is as unique as a snowflake.  It depends on the deepest aspect of our being: our soul.  It depends on what You decided You wanted to be and do by coming here and taking […]

divine life purpose