The REH Values

Established Values for Practitioners of REH

Certified Practitioners of Rainbow Energy Healing are aware of and committed to the following values:


  • I respect the sacred nature of the relationship between client and practitioner.
  • I respect the role of God / Source of All That Is as a provider of REH, and the role of archangels as messengers of the blessings of REH.
  • I respect the healing modality of REH, including the teachings, founder, teachers, and staff involved with REH.


  • I honour the free will choice of the client to be whole, healthy, and alive in accordance with Divine Will.
  • I honour God as the Source of all of the healing, miracles, and blessings experienced through REH.
  • I am honoured to be called to be of service as a professional practitioner of REH.


  • I tell the truth.
  • I accurately and clearly present my credentials to practice REH professionally.
  • I speak honestly with my clients about the experiences witnessed in an REH session.


  • I conduct myself with integrity and maintain professional standards at all times. My fees are clearly published, session duration is noted, payment options are described, and the cancellation policy is clearly defined and represented to clients.
  • I maintain integrity with respect to medical claims. I make no medical claims about the effects or outcome as a result of receiving an REH session.


  • I am grateful for the opportunity to commune with and know God / Source Of All That Is through REH.
  • I am grateful for the opportunity to serve others.