Monthly Rainbow Energy Healing Circle – Online


Monday October 2nd, 2023
$14.44 + HST ($16.32)


Class Level: Open to Everyone

Upcoming Dates:
Monday September 18th, 2023
Monday October 16th, 2023
Monday November 13th, 2023
Monday December 18th, 2023
Time – 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Facilitated by: Chris Cuciurean

This ongoing monthly circle is facilitated by Chris Cuciurean to help You heal and grow spiritually. The goal is to utilize the wonderful, dynamic energies of Rainbow Energy Healing (REH) and the team of spiritual helpers that are present in support of REH, such as Jesus and the archangels, to support the healing intentions You bring to the circle.

There will be a guided meditation with the help of REH to provide for an opportunity to release blockages, manifest goals, gain clarity and understanding, and experience joy and peace. You will experience the deeply healing vibrations of REH.  REH provides insights about our divine life purpose and strengthens our intuitive connection to the angels and our entire team of spiritual helpers.  It is a highly palpable, comforting, joyous energy that empowers us to discover, understand, and manifest our highest experience of Self.

Chris will facilitate the circle with the intent to provide a safe space for You to be in spiritual community. There will be an opportunity for You to share, ask questions, listen, learn, be inspired, and grow and expand your consciousness. Each Circle will include an opening and closing prayer affirming protection, divine blessings, and help from above for all participants.

The power of prayer and meditation in group setting is well documented. This monthly circle provides an opportunity for You to experience Rainbow Energy Healing in a very powerful, uplifting, and expansive manner.

This event is suitable for people at all levels of experience, from novice to expert.  No prior experience with meditation, energy healing, or REH is necessary.

The Circle is presented live in an online video format, using Zoom.

Fee:  $14.44 + HST ($16.32).
Payment is non-refundable. (Full terms, conditions, and cancellation policy.)

Registration in advance is required.

To register and reserve your seat for the next Monthly REH Circle, please click on the Add To Cart button (Above) to submit your payment and reserve your seat.  For more information, contact Chris Cuciurean at (905) 582-6235. A welcome/confirmation email will be sent within 3-10 days, typically.

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