The REH Awakening Process

In Rainbow Energy Healing, a person becomes awakened to the presence of the distinct energy of REH. To become a Practitioner of REH, a gradual awakening to the energy of REH, along with tools and skills to be able to invoke the energy on behalf of the client, are what enable a person to become a Practitioner. There are no symbols, codes, or special attunements bestowed upon an initiate by a master. Instead, there is simply an awakening.

The awakening process begins as soon as someone begins to learn about REH. It can also begin by being around or communicating with a Practitioner of REH.  Often times, the energy of REH awakens in a person, and then they find out about REH and feel drawn to studying the modality.

REH is a relatively easy spiritual energy healing modality to learn, yet it has profound and deep potential to help people ascend. It continues to awaken in people everywhere. Your awakening to REH has already begun.  Welcome to REH!

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