Coaching Programs For Heart-Centered Professionals


Receive Angel Guidance, Rainbow Energy Healing, and Spiritual Coaching customized to your needs in every session on a regularly scheduled basis. Develop leadership, confidence, self-awareness, and intuition. Manifest optimal results in co-creation with God/Goddess to attain abundance, fulfillment, joy, and peace.


This coaching program is designed for heart-centered, purpose-focused professionals who wish to make the maximum positive impact in their life and career through ongoing personal development, spiritual growth, and attainment of their divine life and soul purpose.

Optimal results are achieved through ongoing, regularly scheduled meetings that help You to reset your mental balance, clarify your day-to-day and weekly strategies, discern spiritual guidance from our Higher Power, experience energy healing for optimal health, and relieve stress. This coaching program is a rare opportunity to receive ongoing, spiritually-guided assistance to realize your highest goals and aspirations.

The Benefits of Regularly Scheduled Coaching 

Years of experience providing sessions to clients has shown me that the people who benefit the most from spiritual guidance and energy healing are those people who tune-in regularly to Spirit’s guidance and assistance, who seek the blessings offered by Spirit that transcend our limited perceptions and knowledge, and who are receptive to the encouragement, instruction, and assistance of a personal coach that is heart-centered and focused on being of service.

Regularly scheduled coaching will help You to:

  • Relieve stress and learn to live centered and balanced;
  • Accelerate the results in your purpose-driven career;
  • Create financial abundance through alignment with truths, wisdom, and spiritual laws;
  • Learn how to transcend limiting, difficult, or toxic relationships;
  • Connection to God and Spirit for continual guidance and direction;
  • Gain total clarity about your life’s purpose and fulfillment;
  • Heal and release past blockages that limit results;
  • Develop greater self-knowledge, self-confidence, and self-love.

What Happens in a Session? 

This coaching program is uniquely appropriate for spiritually aware professionals who wish to employ the wealth of wisdom, miracles, light, guidance, and insights that God offers us in each Divine Moment.  The entire program is based on your intent to utilize Chris as a vehicle for You to access Divine Help at each and every session, in whatever way feels most appropriate based on the current issues and circumstances You are facing. While one session may involve using Chris to discern Divine guidance about a significant issue that helps You clarify key strategies to problem solve and attain goals, another session may be a time of energy healing and inner development of your innate leadership qualities, confidence, and self-awareness. Every session is different, as guided by Spirit, for your highest and greatest results. Each and every session is initiated and closed with prayer that includes affirming Divine blessings of protection, help from above, and Blessings in accordance with Divine Will. A session may include:

  • Divinely led coaching with various learning tools to attain your goals;
  • Intuitive, divine angel reading and insights about the circumstances of your Life;
  • Rainbow Energy Healing treatments are part of each session to clear and strengthen your energy, gain clarity, restore life balance, and reconnect to divine life purpose;
  • Spiritual teaching to develop your intuitive awareness, self confidence, and innate power;
  • Mentoring to help You tap into the power of universal spiritual truths;
  • Opportunity to receive love-based, divinely guided messages from deceased loved ones;
  • Facilitation of experiential healing techniques to help let go of the past and be present now.

Purchase Holistic Coaching For Purpose-Focused Professionals

The coaching program is scalable to your budget and timing. You can choose a session length of 90-minutes, or 2 hours. You may choose to purchase 4, 6, or 12 sessions. You can schedule the sessions bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, or even quarterly. The fees (not including HST) are as follows:

Number of Sessions 90 Minute Sessions 2 Hour Sessions
  4    $1,111   $1,444
  6   $1,622   $2,122
  12   $3,111   $4,144

Every Coaching Program also includes the Customized Meditations Combo service (a service valued at $99) at no extra charge.  The Customized Meditations we create together will be mutually agreed upon after the first coaching session. This service is included so that You will have personalized meditations created just for You, tuned to your exact needs and intentions at the outset of the Coaching Program.  These meditations can be used daily or periodically as You choose.

You are encouraged to attend each session in person where possible, although remote sessions are feasible through telephone, Zoom, or Skype. You are responsible for any telephone long distance charges.

To register for any of the Coaching Programs, a $500 deposit is required in advance.  All payments are non-refundable, per the Terms, Conditions, and Cancellation Policy.  Based on the program You choose, the balance owing is payable after the first session. Exact payment date is mutually set at our first meeting.  To register and make your deposit, please click on the Add To Cart button, and make your payment with PayPal or with your credit card.  You will be contacted to schedule your first session at the earliest, mutually convenient time and date.  If You wish, please Contact Chris Cuciurean to arrange for your first session and to schedule your full group of sessions.

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