The Benefits of Rainbow Energy Healing

Rainbow Energy Healing Sessions

REH Session

A variety of healing experiences occur during and after a Rainbow Energy Healing Session. 

They include the following:

  • enhanced awareness of your body’s own energy systems and chakras
  • clearing, expanding, and balancing of the chakras
  • increased intuition and psychic communication abilities, including clairvoyant visions of angels and other light beings during the session
  • awareness of dense, heavy, or prickly energy blockages being extracted from the body, sometimes in areas of the physical body where pain, tension, or disease is perceived
  • warm, tingly, or even hot sensations in the chakras, or in physical areas of the body, sometimes corresponding to the location of physical ailments
  • increased energy in the hours and days after the session
  • deepened understanding of your life purpose, your reason for being here now, and the next steps in your purpose
  • significant expanded awareness of your subtle energy bodies and your aura

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