Angel Guidance & Healing Session with Chris Cuciurean

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An Angel Guidance & Healing Session is an opportunity to connect with your angels.  As pure messengers from God/Goddess/Source, your angels can help You right now with your career, Divine life purpose, relationships, and health and well-being.



This is a private, in-person session (or via zoom, skype, or telephone, ) for a duration of 1 hour, 90 minutes, or 2 hours.  A key component of this session is an Angel Reading.  I provide a reading of your angels, and convey the messages I see, hear, feel, and know, giving you the opportunity for healing, inspiration, and insight.  This session is for You to explore any issues You wish with the help of the divine guidance available to You.  We may receive guidance and support from Spirit in various forms including angels, archangels, ascended masters, and or spirit guides and deceased loved ones.

I sense your angels’ loving messages, and communicate that to You during the session.  Often, I am guided to relay information, symbols, names, ask questions, or make suggestions that will help You achieve positive changes in your life.  Ultimately the Angel Guidance & Healing Session is an opportunity for You to connect with your spiritual team of helpers, including your own guardian angels.  You may learn more about the names, or purposes of your guardian angels and other members of your spiritual team of helpers.

I may also be guided by the angels to offer various healing methods with the help of the angels, for You to overcome relationship conflict, personal health issues, work and career situations, or family issues.  I may work with the angels to help You let go of self-sabotaging and addictive behaviours.  I may be guided by your angels to offer some spiritual coaching during the session for You to work through certain issues.

I often work very closely with the archangels, especially Archangels Michael (courage & life purpose), Metatron (children, especially Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow children), Raphael (healing), and Raziel (past-lives, healing, and rainbow energy) and Ascended Masters such as Jesus, Mother Mary, and Mary Magdalene.  During the Angel Guidance & Healing Session you may receive spontaneous readings from these or other beings of light from the spiritual realm.

Each and every session is initiated with a prayer, affirming Divine blessings of Protection and help in accordance with Divine Will.

The Benefits of an Angel Guidance & Healing Session

A variety of positive shifts occurs during and after an Angel Guidance & Healing Session.  They have included the following:

  • feelings of peace
  • clarity about decisions and direction in your life
  • deeper understanding of your Divine life purpose
  • greater empowerment in personal and professional relationships
  • validation of your own intuitive sense of your direction, life purpose, and meaningful endeavours for You
  • greater awareness and ability to trust your intuition and connect to your guardian angels to discern your own Divine guidance
  • healing through letting go of the past and overcoming fears, phobias, and self-destructive patterns of behaviour
  • increased faith and surrender in a higher, Divine Will operating in Your Life

Purchase an Angel Guidance & Healing Session with Chris Cuciurean.

The fee is $199 plus HST for 1 hour, $277 plus HST for 90 minutes, or $355 plus HST for 2 hours in duration, and must be paid in advance.
For telephone readings, You are responsible for any telephone long distance charges.

To purchase right away using PayPal or with your credit card, choose your time option above and click on the Add To Cart button to make your payment.  You will be contacted to schedule your session at the earliest, mutually convenient time and date.  If You wish, please Contact Chris Cuciurean to arrange for your Angel Guidance & Healing Session.

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