REH Code of Ethics


1. Practitioners of REH must maintain confidentiality. Total confidentiality of client information, records, and all client experiences during REH sessions is protected and upheld at all times.


2. Practitioners of REH detach completely from the human energy field of the client immediately at the termination of an REH session, including physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. A Practitioner of REH respects and honours the privacy, the private life and personal matters of the client, and the clients’ energy field outside of a solicited REH session.

3. Professional boundaries between client and practitioner are respected and adhered to at all times during an REH session. Any hands-on treatment during an REH session is to be done with expressed permission from the client, and is to be done with gentle and still, light hand pressure. At no time shall a Practitioner make contact with the client’s genital area, anus area, or breast area.

4. At no time shall a Practitioner use a rubbing or manipulating hand motion with hands-on treatment.

5. Practitioners of REH shall never ask the client to disrobe.

6. Practitioners of REH respect the right of the client to pause or terminate their REH session at any time, or accept or refuse any part of treatment during a session.


7. Practitioners engage the REH session through facilitation of an Opening Prayer, the Grounding Process, Witnessing the REH energy, and facilitation of a Closing Prayer.

8. Practitioners are committed to being of service to the client in accordance with the level of their training and expertise. Practitioners display a willingness to witness the REH blessings on behalf of the client during the entire REH session.

9. Practitioners maintain healthy spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental self-care to be fully equipped to provide professional REH sessions. Practitioners shall not advertise their services for REH sessions if they are not fully capable of delivering REH services in accordance with this REH Code of Ethics. Practitioners also respect themselves and will not tolerate abuse or mis-treatment by a client. They have a right to terminate a session if they feel threatened or at risk of harm in any way by a client.

10. Practitioners provide a sacred space for REH sessions to be performed safely and conveniently for clients. Safe and easy access to the healing table are ensured.

11. Practitioners ensure that their hands are washed thoroughly prior to a client session.

12. Practitioners ensure that they do not use any scented products prior to or during a session such as candles, hand creams, lotions, or oils without the expressed permission of the client.

13. Practitioners are to uphold positive, respectful, and caring thoughts, words, and actions towards all members of the REH community, and the global community of energy healers and spiritual seekers.