Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, Diamond, and Golden Children

There is an interesting relationship between the New Earth Children and Rainbow Energy Healing.  Rainbow Energy itself is very dynamic, free-flowing, robust and palpable in its texture and feel.  It is very similar to the energy field of a Rainbow Child.

The Indigo and Crystal children have been incarnating on the planet in large numbers since the 1970s (Indigo) and 1990s (Crystal).  They are very much the forerunners of the New Earth.  These “children”, many of whom are adults (although many Indigos and Crystals are continuing to incarnate), rely on their intuition, are very sensitive to energy, and trust in positive, life affirming energy.  They respond very positively to Rainbow Energy.

Rainbow Children have been incarnating in large numbers since the 2000s.  Some early stage Rainbows are adult age and enjoy bringing healing through truth, light, love, and radiance.  Rainbow Children are right at home with Rainbow Energy.  They often exhibit joy, laughter, and bliss when experiencing Rainbow Energy Healing.  Rainbow Children tend to instinctively understand the nature, and essence of Rainbow Energy.

Diamond Children, coming to our planet in large numbers in parallel with the Rainbow Children, are very much introverted Rainbow Children.  Diamond Children are very drawn to working with the modality of Rainbow Energy Healing to help facilitate healing and better self-understanding for others.  They are drawn to the inate wisdom and “knowing” that the REH energy itself exhibits during healing sessions.

Golden Children are one of the newest, but rapidly increasing group of New Earth souls.  Golden light pours in to consciousness during a Rainbow Energy Healing session with the help and assistance of Rainbow Energy.  Golden light is transformative, jubilant, and glorious.  Golden Children naturally and instinctively enjoy Rainbow Energy as a medium or vehicle to open up to Golden light, and are naturally intuitive about Rainbow Energy, its uses, and the modality of REH.

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