Archangel Raziel

Rainbow Energy Healing Certification

Archangel Raziel is the infinite knowledge of the Divine. He holds all the esoteric wisdom – the reason for life itself and why things are the way they are.  Archangel Raziel is the Albus Dumbledore of archangels.  He seems to know all.  He is very wizard like in his energy.  He can bring miraculous shifts in perception, and show us that there are no limits in this Universe. But he is also gentle, kind, and full of humour, compassion, and understanding for out plight as human beings struggling at times to achieve bliss.

How Can I Learn To Work With Raziel?

Archangel Raziel looks like, feels like, and even sounds like a rainbow.  Every high vibration exists in his field. There is an answer to every problem. There is every aspect of Our Source available to us from Raziel.  His energy can wrap us up in a rainbow blanket of protection.  He can cleanse our aura and chakras with a rainbow waterfall of healing energy.  He can ground us to Mother Earth in a magical snap of his fingers, or a wave of his hands, bringing us back into the full present moment in our body.

Start to work with Raziel by asking for signs that his is with You.  He will immediately start presenting rainbows to You in the most peculiar ways. You might see rainbows in fabrics, billboards, TV shows, photographs, key chains, reflections of sunlight, a starburst of iridescent rainbow sparkles, or even hear of a rainbow in songs.

Call on Raziel in meditation, and his energy will be one of the most palpable and profoundly awe inspiring.  He might come as tingles, just like it feels when sunlight radiates onto our skin.  He might present himself more as rays of light that flash in your inner vision.  Or, You might feel the gentlest caress on your hands, fingers, or even a shoulder or cheek.  Or You may feel as if he is firmly placing his hand on your head.  He won’t scare You.  He’ll allow You to know that he represents God’s infinite knowledge that is available to You presently and always.

Raziel is especially helpful to energy healers. Those who have been told they have healing hands are probably being guided by Raziel to continue their learning journey.  Raziel may be involved in nudging You to take a Reiki Practitioner course, or to take an intuitive development class. He is the master of Rainbow Energy Healing, and he’ll help You take whatever step is best for You with REH if its part of your Divine life purpose.

Manifestation Rock

When I first got to know Raziel, it was in 2007 during the time I was studying to communicate with the angels.  I was sitting atop of manifestation rock in Laguna Beach, California after the third day of class and I was told about Rainbow Energy Healing for the very first time.  I “downloaded” messages from Raziel about how I was to develop and share the healing modality Rainbow Energy Healing.  I was excited, but skeptical at the same time.  I said to Raziel, Master Jesus, and the other archangels that they needed to give me an immediate and unmistakable sign that I was to share REH with others.

As my meditations concluded, I got up from the quartz rock formation I had been sitting on along the Laguna Beach coastline, hopeful of an immediate and miraculous sign to ease my skepticism. I proceeded to see a red toy bobbing in the ocean water, the orange sunset, a yellow stucco home up on the embankment I had been sitting in front of on the rocks.  I thought immediately of the red, orange, yellow beginning sequence of the rainbow.  I committed myself not to force any signs, so I began walking along the beach with my head down and immediately saw the most exquisite emerald green seaweed pooling in the waters edge.  Determined to let Spirit guide me, I continued walking with my head down until a Frisbee almost hit me square in the third eye on the center of the forehead.  I ducked out of the way in a split second having inadvertently intruded on some fellows tossing around a blue Frisbee!

Raziel’s Sign: Violet Flower

Finally I approached the stairwell climb up to my hotel.  At the foot of the stairs on the beach was a lone pair of shoes … a child’s pair of indigo blue Crocs!  As I climbed the stairs with my eyes glued to the beige stucco of the hotel landscaping design, I thought to myself that Jesus and Raziel were doing pretty well … 6 colours of the rainbow.  But violet remained … and I remained skeptical.  As I arrived at the landing at the top of the beach stairs, I saw a most profound sight: violet coloured flowers emerged out of nowhere!  Raziel had given me a Rainbow.

Ask Raziel For Further Instruction

Raziel understands your Divine life purpose.  He understands your soul’s eternal desires and what You are seeking for utter fulfillment.  Ask Raziel to help guide You in the right direction, and You’ll be unmistakably helped to clarify the right and not-so-right choices for You.

May the rainbow archangel bring colour and zest into your life!

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  1. Thanks for the very important opportunity you have given me.l always see Rainbow surrounding the Sun and also at different locations. Please help me connect with Archangel Raziel.l believe he gave me a Book in a dream.

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