REH Overview

Rainbow Energy Healing Mission Statement

The mission of Rainbow Energy Healing is to facilitate healing on a soul level so that peace on Earth can be realized.

Spiritually Based Energy Healing

Rainbow Energy Healing (REH) is a spiritually based energy healing modality.  It is supported by archangels, angels, and ascended masters from the spiritual realm.  It is very dynamic, flowing, and palpable.  It is easy to facilitate as a practitioner, and profound to receive. It is helpful at creating an environment for integral well-being to be realized across the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual natures.  It is not a replacement for proper physical or mental health therapies. It complements healing on the physical, mental, and emotional level by clearing and strengthening the chakras, the human energy field (aura), and opening and strengthening the connection to higher conciousness.

REH is a useful and profound tool of ascension and spiritual growth.  It helps the recipient to connect to their life and soul purpose. It does this by opening, strengthening, and connecting higher chakras above the crown that offer substantial help with fulfillment and self-realization.

REH Background and Overview

Rainbow Energy Healing is a healing technique that has been taught to Chris Cuciurean by three Archangels; Archangel Michael, Archangel Raziel, Archangel Metatron, and Ascended Master Jesus.

Rainbow Energy itself resembles the unique energy of Rainbow Children. It reflects the vibrant, radiant, dynamic, wise, and loving nature of the Rainbow Children.  Many groups of souls are incarnating with a purpose to bring about positive change on planet Earth such as the Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, Diamond, and Golden Children.

Rainbow Energy Healing uses the flowing, dynamic coloured light of Rainbow Energy along with archangel and ascended master guidance to help heal the energy systems of the human body. This can positively impact physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. Rainbow Energy Healing works with 12 major chakras in the human energy field, including the traditional 7 major chakras, and 5 other higher vibrational chakras including the ear chakras, life purpose chakra, soul purpose chakra. soul connection chakra, and rainbow bridge chakra.

Rainbow Energy Healing reveals important guidance and removes significant blocks relating to the clients’ life purpose, their ability to hear and receive Divine guidance, their connection and functioning in harmony with others, soul groups, and how to express their unique Divine purpose.  Rainbow Energy Healing helps to activate and empower our highest aspirations and life purpose functions.

Rainbow Energy Healing is administered by a practitioner for a client.  The client relaxes on a healing table and the practitioner follows a specific protocol that activates the Rainbow Energy Healing process.  During the process, the archangels are present and active, helping to release any blocks to healing.  The practitioner will move their hands in and around the energy systems and aura of the client during the session.  Occasionally, the practitioner uses hands-on healing at the physical body level.  There is minimal hands-on contact however, as most of the activity occurs in the subtle energy bodies and auric field surrounding the client (approximately 1 metre radial bubble surrounding the client).

Who Studies To Become A Practitioner of REH?

Rainbow Energy Healing is a natural and intuitve energy to work with. It has been especially attractive to these people:

  • Existing energy healing practitioners offering Reiki, IET, Reconnective Healing, Theta Healing, Shamanic Healing, Pranic Healing, and other modalities. Especially those who are feeling drawn to expand their awareness and the vibration(s) of energy they work with in sessions;
  • Practitioners of angelic based readings and therapy such as Angel Therapy Practitioners, Angel Guidance & Healing Practitioners;
  • Spiritual counsellors, grief counsellors, intuitive coaches, spiritual psychotherapists, and psychic mediums;
  • New Earth Children drawn to energy healing;
  • Anyone feeling called to help others, explore ascension, and the New Earth;
  • Anyone feeling Divinely guided to learn REH.

Who Becomes a Recipient of Rainbow Energy Healing Sessions?

Anyone can benefit from receiving a session of Rainbow Energy Healing.  A session can be attended in person or remotely.  It might be attractive for You to receive an REH session if You are seeking to:

  • Connect to your Divine life purpose and experience fulfillment and meaning;
  • Enhance your intuitive connection to angels, spirit guides, archangels, ascended masters, and deceased loved ones;
  • Enhance your connection to God/Goddess/Source and strengthen your direct connection to your Higher Power;
  • Clear, open, ground, protect, and balance your chakras and clear your aura;
  • Support your selected physical, mental, and emotional healing practices and therapies with energy healing;
  • Experience peace;
  • Experience REH because You are feeling Divinely guided to.

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