New Generation Children

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Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, Golden, and Diamond Children

Children today are born with greater sensitivity and psychic abilities than ever before. While it may be said that children have always been more psychic than adults, perhaps because they are fearless or haven’t been taught that it’s ‘just make believe’ or all in their imagination, it has never been more accurate than nowadays.

Since world-war two, new generations of people who are here to serve and shine light have been coming to our planet. It started with the generation that grew up as teenagers in the 1960s, with flower power and the summer of love. These hippies of the 1960s ultimately grew into the lightworkers who helped usher in a new generation of alternative medicine, healing, and psychic phenomenon.

Generation X’ers were the next to arrive, and many of that generation are known as the Indigo children. Many are now adults. Indigo children were named because of the energy and ‘indigo’ aura that many psychics can detect around these people. Indigo children have a life purpose that relates to busting systems of injustice, to people, animals, or Mother Earth. The have built-in lie detectors that alarm when someone around them lacks integrity, including their parents! Indigo’s came here with an attitude that refutes authority for authority’s sake. They are more sensitive, more psychic, and spiritually gifted in many ways than previous generations. Indigo’s perform miraculously better when they are healthy, active, eat nutritious foods without additives and chemicals, and avoid toxins of all forms.

Around the mid 1990s, another new generation of children began to arrive, different than the Indigo children before them. The Crystal children began arriving in masses, and in many cases the parents were adult Indigo children. Crystal children are remarkably telepathic, and they can often hear and know the thoughts of others without the use of words. They are ultra sensitive, and use their discernment to avoid anything or anyone that does not serve them. They are very clairvoyant. They are attracted to the Earth, nature, rocks, crystals, plants, and animals. They express artistically, often with music. They are often very late talkers, not needing to talk until school age because they have been able to effectively get by with the use of telepathy and rudimentary sounds their parents have come to understand.

Understanding Indigo and Crystal Children

It helps all of us to understand the nature and characteristics of Indigo and Crystal children, because these generations of children have suffered from many outmoded social structures that were in place when they arrived. The learning styles of Indigo children were very misunderstood, and often times Indigo children were and still are being misdiagnosed as ADD, or ADHD. Crystal children are sometimes mis-daignosed with Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, or ADD.

When these children (and now adults) are misunderstood, it becomes difficult for them to share their Divine gifts, which they have been blessed with for a Divine purpose. We all lose when we resort to medication or the applications of old methods that no longer help children thrive.

Life Purpose

Indigo children have remarkable life purposes. Each and every Indigo is here to help herald in a new era of integrity and justice, in some way or another. Each and every Indigo has a Divine life purpose related to changing the old world model of fear and scarcity to a new one of respect, integrity, and love. Indigo’s are trail-blazers, leaders, catalysts for change, activists, healers, psychics, and wise spiritual teachers. We are all better off because of their unique place in human evolution.

Crystal children are here to help us heal and clean up the mess of the 20th century. They are natural born healers, sensitive and psychic as they are. They are much more gentle, soft, and comforting in their compassionate, wise old soul approach to life. They have arrived in masses to help everyone tied to the 20th century model of excess, waste, injustice, and greed learn to heal and live in peace.

Take Action

Are you an Indigo? Are you an early arriving Crystal? Do one or more of your children fit these descriptions? Do you work with or teach children who match these characteristics? If so, what Divine gifts can you and these children bring forth to make our world a better place? Help is available as the world collection of books and online information about Indigo and Crystal children provides plenty of insight and support.
In the last decade, newer generations of children have been showing up. Rainbow Children, Golden Children, and Diamond Children have been gracing our planet. Yet, there are few resources available for these relatively new groups of children.

Understanding Rainbow Children

Rainbow Children are tiny little gurus. They are born into the world without any need to balance karma or learn lessons. They have come to the planet to help all of us understand our lessons. Rainbow Children understand, and know that the power of the Divine transcends all fear-based behaviours and decision making influences. They are FEARLESS. They understand that anybody acting out of fear is simply misguided, and has forgotten their unbreakable connection to the Divine.

Rainbow Children are highly developed intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually at a very early age. They wow their parents with profound sayings from a toddler’s age onward. They love bright colours – the colours of the rainbow! They are highly active, expressive, and energized. They can be quite a handful for unsuspecting parents! However, these children are all good. They help teach their parents, and all of us, to have faith, to trust God, and to know and embrace that we can heal and correct any of our self-made problems and obstacles. Rainbow Children are very wise, highly psychic and telepathic, and extremely knowledgeable about spiritual matters. They may be seen speaking or teaching older children or adults about effective spiritual solutions to problems. They have the ability to manifest miracles, to move objects with telekinesis, and to help themselves or others heal in miraculous and instantaneous ways. They emanate Christ energy.

Diamond Children

The Diamond Children have been coming to the planet in increasing numbers recently, but some early pioneers with Diamond Child energy have been coming to the planet for quite a few decades now. Diamond Children have all of the aspects of Rainbow Children in them, but it appears as diamond like energy, that fragments, sparkles, crystallizes, and refracts the more fluid streams of colour from rainbow energy. They can be thought of as one aspect of the Rainbow Children. Diamond Children carry a deep and fierce courage to look fully and completely into the dark side of human nature, fear, and the ego and it’s devices. Diamond Children can address any topic, for the purpose of full understanding, illumination, and complete and total liberation from fear.

Diamond Children have fragmented rainbow light aura colours with sparkles of diamond white energy. Think of looking at sunlight refracted by a diamond and the scattered rainbows that result amidst a sparkly diamond base. The have eyes that pierce and cut to your soul. They have the awareness that whatever demons you may be holding onto and trying to conceal, they will help you release with counsel, integrity, healing, and love.

Golden Children

The Golden Children have only been coming to the planet in the last few years. They are a follow-on generation to the Rainbow and Diamond Children. Golden Children are similar to the Rainbow Children in that they are very highly developed intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. They add an element of great JOY to the equation. Imagine Rainbow Light, which when added all up sums up to White Light, and then adding the element of Unbounded Joy to White Light, giving the White Light a GOLDEN Glow. This is the nature and essence of Golden Children. They take the miraculously aware and wise nature of the Rainbow Children and focus it on our highest vibration of JOY.

Golden Children have a beaming aura, a glow in their eyes, and a presence that can make You feel like You are meeting God. The Golden glow emanates from their heart center.

Life Purpose

The Rainbow Children have a simple and straightforward life purpose. They are here to help us ascend to a collective vibration of Love on our planet. They are here to help heal the planet and teach everyone on it that Love and Faith in the Divine Strength of God is the only path to individualized and global peace. Rainbow Children are here to teach. And they know it! It’s as if they embody their purpose from the moment they begin to speak, and interact with other human beings, starting with their parents. Often, Rainbow Children will have a combination of Indigo, or Crystal Parents.

The Diamond Children are here to heal and purge the collective attachment to victim consciousness on planet Earth. They can talk openly about the harshest of human sufferings such as murder, sexual assault, child abuse, human trafficking, and genocide. Young Diamond Children often amaze their parents at their willingness to talk about sensitive issues. Adult Diamond Children (and there are many already) grow to become powerful therapists, leading edge counselors, deep healers, and public spiritual teachers at an early age. They often arrive at a place of service through their own sufferings and may have personally lived through extreme poverty, rape, oppression, abuse, prostitution, imprisonment, and attempts on their life. They shine a brilliant light of redemption and power of the human spirit.

The Golden Children are here to take our planet to an even higher level of Joy. As we learn to heal because of the collective efforts of the Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, and Diamond Children, the Golden Children will remind us of the need to laugh, and love, and play, and be joyful about EVERYTHING that we choose to do in our life.

A Message For All of Us

What is the message of each of these amazing generations of children? It is that we can embrace the collective energy of each of them in ourselves!

We can embrace the energy of Indigo character, leadership, activism, integrity, and warrior spirit to fight for what we want in our world. We can embrace the energy of Crystal sensitivity, discernment, psychic connection, and purity of love and intention to make better choices in our lives.

As we look at the energy of Indigo and Crystal, it is focused on overcoming the EGO. The Indigo energy fights for truth in the face of the ego, and the Crystal energy discerns for truth and chooses it instead of the ego. BUT it is the generational energy of Rainbow, Diamond, and Golden Children that will ultimately lead the planet to enlightenment and the ascended awareness of Love. This is because the energy of the Rainbow Children does not need to fight the EGO … it chooses a HIGHER POWER of Truth, Love, and Light. The Rainbow energy is one of faith and knowingness that Love transcends the fear-based energy of the EGO (scarcity, greed, lack, sickness, and death). This is why the Rainbow Children are fearless, they know that they have an in-born resource of Light that vanquishes all fear. We can embrace this Rainbow energy of faith, wisdom, and in-born healing ability to transcend the ego.

The energy of Diamond Children teaches us that even our worst fears and horrors are all false. On some level, pain and suffering can be transcended. And the Diamond Children in the infinite wisdom teach us to look squarely and fiercely at our demons in order to see right through them and vanquish them for the false imaginings that they are. Diamond Children teach us that nothing, NO THING, can separate us from our Source of Love, Triumph, and Redemption.

Finally we can embrace the Golden energy of Joy, Passion, and Freedom to breakdown any of our own limits and realize full happiness Now.

The message of these children is this … that we can heal … that we can experience sustained Love … that Joy is our God-given bounty … and that it is within us to realize so. The children truly have a wonderful message for us all!

Let’s start talking more about the positive changes to come on our planet. Let’s start talking about the generations of children who are helping to make it happen. Let’s find out what each of these generations can teach us so that we can live out our days in happiness!

Thank You Spirit, for the gift of Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, Diamond and Golden children!

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  1. Wow. I totally see where my husband, myself and three kids fit in. I even can think of a golden child or two that I have taught who are very young – they are pure Joy!
    I believe I am a Chrystal, my husband an Indigo, son an Indigo, 17 year old daughter a Rainbow and 13 year old daughter a Diamond!!
    Love & Light xo

  2. Aaron Walter Ryse

    one of the paragraphs referred to Gen X and said “many are now adults” But I think all of us are firmly middle aged by now…?

  3. I am a golden child. I think this white light you talk about is white moldavite in their aura and yes, it is real look it up online. White moldavite is such a big role with the golden child well at least for me. But yes, some people really loving being around me and call me there light or sunshine. But there is more about golden children than what is say’s here. Golden children get new improvements to their forum over time.

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