Rainbow Energy Healing Level 1 Certificate Course

$333.00 $999.00

Dates TBD
Spring 2024
Island of Maui, Hawaii
$999 + HST ($1,128.87) Cdn


Class Level: Basic to Intermediate
(No Prerequisite, some experience with energy work and/or angels is recommended)

Upcoming Dates:
Coming Spring 2024 to Maui, Hawaii
Three Full Days
Friday, Saturday, & Sunday
10:00 a.m. t0 5:30 p.m.
Location TBD
Taught by Chris Cuciurean

This is a energy healing workshop that teaches you how to provide energy healing sessions to clients. You will learn about, work with, and experience Rainbow Energy Healing (REH) in profound ways.  You will learn how to provide a professional Rainbow Energy Healing session and have the opportunity to qualify for certification as a professional Practitioner of REH.  Working with Rainbow Energy Healing helps to unlock your Divine life purpose, enhance your intuitive connection to Source, develop your awareness of the spiritual realm especially archangels and angels, and activate healing that helps you to understand and fulfill your soul’s deepest aspirations.

This workshop will include:

  • What Rainbow Energy Healing (REH) is, where it originated from
  • The 12 major chakras used in REH and how they relate to your life and soul purpose
  • How REH works
  • Working with archangels in REH
  • The close relationship between REH and Rainbow Children
  • The formal protocol used in conducting an REH session
  • Practice providing and receiving an REH session
  • A sacred ceremony with REH to protect, clear, and open your third-eye chakra
  • Professional considerations relating to providing REH sessions
  • REH Values and Ethics

Do you feel called to help others heal? Are you drawn to a deeper connection to Spirit and the help that archangels and angels offer each of us? Are you called to teach others about spirituality, intuition, energy healing, and a connection to Divine messengers?  This workshop and the Rainbow Energy Healing modality is for you! Rainbow Energy is very palpable, powerful, textured, colourful, and intelligent. It comes from Source and carries with it divine intelligence. The REH modality is easy to learn, highly intuitive, and natural to work with. Becoming an REH Practitioner can be helpful for your own personal, spiritual growth, and enable you to help others heal too.

This course qualifies you to earn Certification as a Practitioner of Rainbow Energy Healing Level 1.

Fee: $999 plus HST. ($1,128.87). Payment is non-refundable. (Full terms, conditions, and cancellation policy.)
Includes all materials, course notes, use of healing tables with fresh linen, beverages, and healthy snacks.

Registration for this workshop in advance is required.

Consider attending REH Level 1 and REH Level 2 together, on back-to-back weekends, in beautiful Maui, Hawaii for REH Level 1, and REH Level 2. You can register for both courses at a discount here at the REH Level 1/2 Combo page.

To register and reserve your seat for this REH Level 1 Practitioner Certification Workshop only, please click on the Register pull-down menu (Above), select the appropriate option, then click on Add To Cart to submit your payment and reserve your seat.  For more information, contact Chris Cuciurean at (905) 582-6235.  A welcome/confirmation email will be sent within 7-10 days, typically. The complete address and directions are provided upon registration.

Current graduates who have taken the REH Level 1 Practitioner Course may attend this course (Re-Certify).  The fee to Re-Certify is $333 + HST ($376.29) Cdn.
For existing graduates to register at the upcoming REH Level 1 course, Select the Re-Certify option from the menu above.

This workshop is offered periodically through the year. For more information about future events and locations of this course, please contact Chris Cuciurean.

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