Past Lives Healing Course for REH Practitioners


$555 + HST ($627.15)


Class Level: Intermediate. Prerequisite is to have completed the REH Level 1 Practitioner Certificate Course.

Upcoming Dates:
None Scheduled.


This workshop is for REH Practitioners.  The goal is to facilitate deep healing relating to past lives in the safe and uplifting energies of REH. Opportunities to heal collectively and individually in the areas most relevant for You at this time in your journey will be provided.  You will learn how to help clients with past life guidance and insights while working with REH during a session.

You will learn how to conduct a past-life regression, a past-life reading, and a past-life focused REH session.  The differences and the benefits of each type of past life work will be explored.  Numerous interactive experiences will allow You to work on healing your own current issues and challenges that appear to be related to past lives.  We’ll explore easy-to-use tools and concepts with clients in your REH practice.

The course curriculum includes:

  • Exploration of Past Life Trauma and the Huge Healing Value of Past Life Work in REH;
  • Deeper Learning About the Soul Purpose Chakra in REH;
  • Demonstration of a Past Life Reading;
  • Practical Tools and Concepts To Deliver a Past Life Reading with REH;
  • Experience a Past Life Regression with REH;
  • Tips on Integrating Past Life Guidance into Professional REH Sessions.

This certificate course provides an opportunity for you to develop your confidence working with REH, and your understanding of the valuable information witnessed regarding past lives during REH sessions.  This course will help you understand how to work with past lives in a healing environment to help facilitate your clients’ healing on a deep and profound level.

Safety, protection, integrity, and humility are of utmost importance while working with Spirit.  This is emphasized from the beginning and throughout the course.  This course will provide clear means of help and support for you to overcome any fear you have of connecting with angels or working with the spiritual realm.

This goals of this workshop include:

  • Self Healing Through Experiential Past Life Healing Exercises;
  • Strengthen Your Confidence in Working With REH and Past Lives;
  • Enhance Your Skills and Toolset Working With Clients during REH Sessions.

This workshop is ideal for any REH Practitioner that is feeling called to:  heal their own past life trauma, help their clients heal past life trauma, become more confident and knowledgeable as a Practitioner of REH, or understand more about your own divine life and soul purpose.

A Past Life Healing with REH Certificate will be provided to participants who successfully complete all parts of this workshop.  This course counts towards required re-certification training, to reset your ‘current’ status as a Certified Practitioner of REH.

$555 plus HST. ($627.15) – 2 full days, approx 12 hours class time.

Payment is non-refundable. (Full terms, conditions, and cancellation policy.)
Full payment is due at time of registration.
Includes all materials, course notes, beverages, and healthy snacks.

Registration in advance is required.  Space is limited.

To register and reserve your seat for this Practitioner Certification Workshop, please click on the Add To Cart button (Above) to submit your payment and reserve your seat.  For more information, contact Chris Cuciurean at (905) 582-6235.  A welcome/confirmation email will be sent within 7-10 days, typically. The complete address and directions are provided upon registration.

This workshop is offered periodically. For more information about future events, please contact Chris Cuciurean.

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