Divinely Guided Mediumship Practitioner Certificate Course

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$555 + HST ($627.15)
Returning in 2024


Class Level: Intermediate
(Ideally You have attended at least one of these highly recommended pre-requisite courses prior to attending this course:  Divine Guidance Practitioner Certificate Course; REH Level 1 Practitioner Certificate Course; or the Angel Communication Certificate Course.)

Upcoming Dates:
Returning in 2024
Cheltenham, ON
Taught By Chris Cuciurean

This workshop is all about mediumship: the process of connecting with the spirit of deceased people to convey divinely guided messages of healing and love.  This workshop is for people who are feeling called to explore how to communicate with deceased loved ones with the intent to provide mediumship messages to clients in a professional setting.  This workshop is perfect for helping to develop the skills and knowledge required to be a professional medium.

Mediumship is a very profound form of healing.  It provides an opportunity for clients to experience love in a very nurturing, protective, and healing way.  It reconnects us to one of the most familiar forms of love – as the beloved child of our Divine Creator, often through parental figures in our life.  It helps us to grieve, let go, and heal from loss. It helps us to experience the ongoing eternal nature of life.

This workshop will include:

  • how to provide healing and effective mediumship readings;
  • how to discern the identity and relationship of deceased spirit to clients;
  • key components of an effective mediumship reading;
  • understanding profound healing of mediumship: grieving, forgiveness of guilt, letting go, continuation of life after death;
  • how to deliver mediumship messages in an energy healing format, such as a healing table used during energy sessions;
  • practice in one-on-one and group/stage mediumship format;
  • a sacred ceremony to help clear and protect from fear of unknown spirits.

Mediumship involves working with the spirit of deceased people.  This course emphasizes the importance of safety while opening up to deceased loved ones.  This course teaches You tools and methods to create a safe and healing environment for every being involved in the mediumship process (client, spirit, and practitioner).   You will learn how to use Rainbow Energy Healing to create a divinely guided and blessed environment where archangels and ascended masters can help guide the mediumship process.

The goals of this workshop are to:

  • develop skills and knowledge required to be a professional medium;
  • build confidence delivering mediumship messages;
  • learn to work safely in mediumship;
  • learn how to let God/Goddess and the Creator’s messengers the archangels guide the mediumship process;
  • learn how to provide mediumship messages with REH;
  • experience self-healing through mediumship.

A Certificate in Divinely Guided Mediumship will be provided to participants who successfully complete all parts of this workshop.

This workshop is ideal for anyone that is feeling called to: connect to and communicate with deceased loved ones while helping others in professional sessions such as angel readings and energy healing sessions; deliver mediumship messages in circles, groups, or audiences; harmonize mediumship into a professional spiritual practice including counsel, life coaching, wellness, teaching, or healing.

NOTE for REH Practitioners:  While this course is not specifically required for studying to become a Practitioner of Rainbow Energy Healing, it is recommended to REH Practitioners in order to complement your ability to discern and understand the presence and loving support provided by deceased loved ones to clients that sometimes occurs during REH sessions.  Some people who become Practitioners of REH experience an opening to the realm of deceased loved ones, and this course is designed to help in the ability to connect with deceased loved ones.

Fee: $555 plus HST. ($627.15)

Payment is non-refundable. (Full terms, conditions, and cancellation policy.)
Full payment is due at time of registration.
Includes all materials, course notes, beverages, and healthy snacks.

Registration in advance is required.

To register and reserve your seat for this Practitioner Certification Workshop, please click on the Register pull-down menu (Above), select the appropriate option, then click on Add To Cart to submit your payment and reserve your seat.  For more information, contact Chris Cuciurean at (905) 582-6235.  A welcome/confirmation email will be sent within 7-10 days, typically. The complete address and directions are provided upon registration.

Current graduates who have already taken the Divinely Guided Mediumship Practitioner Certificate Course, or the Mediumship Certificate Course previously, may attend this course (Re-Certify).  The fee to Re-Certify is $199 + HST ($224.87). For existing graduates to register at the upcoming Divinely Guided Mediumship Practitioner Certificate Course, select the Re-Certify option from the menu above.

This workshop is typically offered once per year, in the Greater Toronto area.  For more information about future events and locations of this course, please contact Chris Cuciurean.

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