Davida Clegg








Davida Clegg REH Certified Teacher, AGHP Certified Teacher
Phone +1 (905) 815-9299
Email davida@thecleggs.net
Address Oakville, Ontario, Canada

A Certified Teacher of Rainbow Energy Healing, and Certified Teacher of Angel Guidance & Healing, Davida helps others become aware of the blessings of the angelic realm.   From a young age, Davida has been drawn to the angelic realm and used her empathic and intuitive gifts to help others enrich their lives. As an adult, she grew her love of learning, teaching and helping others by becoming a Medical Technologist and a high school science teacher.  Davida’s passion for a healthy environment and love for all life inspired her to become attuned as a Reiki Master and study shamanism under Dr. Villoldo. Her angelic awareness blossomed upon meeting Chris Cuciurean in 2010 and she became certified as an Angel Guidance and Healing Practitioner and Teacher and an REH Practitioner and Teacher. Being a conduit for the divine guidance available to us all, Davida is honored to facilitate others in becoming aware of the blessings of REH and the angels in their lives.