Nina Menrai

Nina is a Certified Teacher of Rainbow Energy Healing. She completed her REH Level 1 training in 2013, and has completed Level 2, and Level 3, along with the Teacher Training Program. She helps others to heal with REH, while employing her extensive wisdom, mindful presence, and compassion. Nina is a Well-Being and Grief Coach, […]

Davida Clegg

A Certified Teacher of Rainbow Energy Healing, and Certified Teacher of Angel Guidance & Healing, Davida helps others become aware of the blessings of the angelic realm.   From a young age, Davida has been drawn to the angelic realm and used her empathic and intuitive gifts to help others enrich their lives. As an […]

Kirsten Hodgins

Kirsten Hodgins’ passion is to help others to heal by connecting them to their higher-self through Rainbow Energy Healing sessions, Integrated Energy Therapy® sessions as well as through her role as an Angel Guidance and Healing Practitioner. Her path in this life as a lightworker has brought her an incredible sense of joy and appreciation, […]