Virtual Mediumship & Angel Reading Circle


$33 + HST ($37.29)
Returning in 2021
Online, Hosted by BlissOm


Class Level:  Open to Everyone

Upcoming Dates:
Returning in 2021
Virtual Zoom Meeting Hosted by Bliss Om

An Evening of Readings from Deceased Loved Ones and Angels

In this sacred, group gathering Chris will discern guidance and messages from departed loved ones and angels for various participants of the group.

Chris will facilitate the event with the intent to provide loving, supportive messages from departed loved ones and angels to participants. An opening and closing prayer will invoke the archangels and angels to protect and cast a virtual sacred circle so that all communication and interaction with Spirit is safe, loving, and healing.

Mediumship is a profoundly healing experience. It provides you with an opportunity to say goodbye to your deceased loved ones, and to know that they are safe. Mediumship provides you the opportunity to let go of any guilt you may feel about how your loved ones passed, and to hear the messages of love they have for you now.

An angel reading gives you the opportunity to receive insights about an important issue in your life from the angels. Angels are God’s messengers of pure love and light and give you guidance from the highest source.

Not all participants are guaranteed a reading. Every effort will be made to facilitate the sequence of readings so that as many participants as possible receive a reading.

This sacred, online event includes:

  • a deep meditation to help open your heart and connect to the heavenly realms of our deceased loved ones and guardian angels;
  • an opening ceremony and closing prayer to ensure divine blessings for all;
  • mediumship and angel readings.

What You may wish to have with You for the event:

  • quiet, sacred space; headphones; blanket; candle; and photograph of your loved one on display.

Fee: $33 plus HST ($37.29)
Registration in advance is required.

To register now, please contact Bliss Om at

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