The REH Meditation Circle


$22.20 + HST ($25.09)
Thursday August 29th, 2019 – 7:00 p.m. – At Energy Lounge, Woodbridge, ON


Class Level: Open to Everyone

Upcoming Dates:
Facilitated by: Chris Cuciurean
Thursday August 29th, 2019 – 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. – At Energy Lounge, 136 Winges Road, Woodbridge, ON

This ongoing bi-weekly/monthly meditation circle is facilitated by Chris Cuciurean to help You attain peace, insights, and healing in guided meditation with help from archangels, and the beautiful vibrations of Rainbow Energy Healing (REH).  Chris will facilitate each meditation uniquely with the help of REH, and the guidance of archangels.  The intent is to provide opportunities for healing, manifestation, insights, clarity, understanding your Divine life purpose, and the experience of joy, peace, and bliss in a deeply meditative state.

Although each and every meditation circle is unique, there will be opportunities to be guided into a deep state of healing and relaxation. Each meditation may provide the opportunity to understand more about your own spiritual team of helpers including your guardian angels and the archangels.   Each meditation may provide an opportunity to explore and manifest your highest aspirations, or provide insights and understanding about the choices and challenges that you face, or guide You to explore and understand your Divine life purpose and your greatest joy and fulfillment.

Each Meditation includes:

  • Opening Affirmation of Divine Protection, Blessings, and Help From Angels;
  • Invocation of Rainbow Energy Healing;
  • Guided Journey Inward To Higher Consciousness;
  • Divinely Led Experiences in Alignment with Your Own Intentions;
  • Possible Learning about Your Divine Life Purpose;
  • Closing Affirmation of Gratitude.

In this ongoing Meditation Circle, You will experience the deeply healing vibrations of REH.  REH provides insights about our Divine Life Purpose and strengthens our intuitive connection to the angels and our entire team of spiritual helpers.  It is a highly palpable, comforting, joyous energy that empowers us to discover, understand, and manifest our highest experience of Self.

This meditation circle is suitable for people at all levels of experience, from novice to expert.  No prior experience with meditation or REH is necessary.

Fee: $22.20 plus HST. ($25.09).

Registration in advance is required.

To register and attend this event on August 29th, please visit Energy Lounge at or contact by phone at (365) 527-8888.

This meditation circle is offered periodically throughout the year in various locations.

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