Online Event: Navigating Good Health in Challenging Times


Returning Autumn 2020


Class Level:  Informative and Experiential – Open to Everyone

Upcoming Dates:
Facilitated By Chris Cuciurean
Returning in Autumn 2020

This FREE online event is for people who are interested in learning how to maintain optimal overall health in these challenging times.

Our spiritual health is just one of four aspects of our health. These aspects include our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual natures. And when an external stressor affects one of these natures, it affects the whole system.

In this event we will explore:

  • health challenges presented by 5 G wireless;
  • quick review of strategies for optimal physical health in light of Covid-19 and other pathogens;
  • simple strategies to support your body’s immune system and detoxification processes;
  • the need for leadership in our immediate networks to help support our loved ones and community;

The event will conclude with Chris facilitating a collective meditation for optimal health, peace, and Divine blessings for all.

To register, please reserve your seat by clicking on Add to Cart (above) and Checkout.  The website will take You through the checkout process, but the charge will be $0.  You will be asked to provide personal information, and it will register You and reserve your seat for the event. A confirmation email will follow with login information needed to join the event live.

This workshop is presented in an Online Video Seminar format, using Zoom Meetings.

Registration in advance is required.

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